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Column Highlights

In this issue: ATA at Lenguas 2019; Yes, Conference Interpreting Is a Thing; AI and Translation Technology; Take Charge of Your Rates; Machine Interpreting and Misleading Marketing; and Am I Ready for the Exam?

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    ATA at Lenguas 2019 in Mexico City

    Outreach Report

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    Yes, Conference Interpreting Is a Thing

    Interpreters Forum

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    Artificial Intelligence and Translation Technology


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    Take Charge of Your Rates

    Business Practices

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    Machine Interpreting and Misleading Marketing

    Resource Review

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    Am I Ready for the Exam?

    Certification Forum

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Bonus Features

    • D15gzdfX4AANIYn

      Condolences to Members of AIIC

      ATA honors the memories of those lost in the Ethiopian Airlines disaster, especially the three members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters: Suzan Abul Farag, Esmat Orensa, and Graziella de Luis .

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    • images-1

      Warning: Email Spoof Scam

      When it comes to scams, the best defense is a good offense! Learn how scams work and be prepared to hit your delete key.

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    • VoZydCX9

      Welcome to the ATA Audiovisual Division!

      ATA is proud to announce its newest division–the Audiovisual Division! To succeed in a global economy, you need specialized knowledge and an inside track. Being a member of one of ATA’s 22 professional-interest groups gives you that and more!

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