ATA Podcast Episode 14: ATA Elections 2017 – Meet the Candidates

Episode 14: Get To Know the Candidates

Listen in as the candidates in this year’s ATA Elections talk about the skills and experience they bring to the Board, what they see as the most important issues facing the Association, and what ATA means to them. Also, be sure to read the candidate statement in the September-October issue of The ATA Chronicle!

Questions for the candidates
ATA Podcast Host Matt Baird

President-elect (two-year term)
Ted Wozniak

Secretary (two-year term)
Karen Tkaczyk

Treasurer (two-year term)
John Milan

Director (three positions, three-year term each)
Jennifer Guernsey
Tony Guerra
Geoff Koby
Elena Langdon
Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
Kyle Vraa

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