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ATA Public Relations Campaign

Client education through public relations is a key piece of the ATA Public Relations Committee’s campaign to reach people responsible for contracting translation and interpreting services. Over the last year and a half, the committee has developed a series of eight “penned pieces” for business publications and trade association magazines.

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Don’t get lost in translation

The road to getting translation right is, in fact, congested with many common misconceptions: “Everybody speaks English now.” “You don’t need an interpreter or a translator!” “Your coworker knows Spanish. Have them do it!” “Just run it through Google Translate!” (Read article)


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The high cost of cheap translation

You pay for the best product development and manufacturing. Your legal and administrative people are top-notch. You choose your advertising and marketing partners with utmost care. And then you pick the lowest bidder for your translations. There’s a good chance you’ve just made a costly mistake. (Read article)




Legal risks in translations

Mistranslation of agreements, contracts, specifications, annual reports, bills of sale, and even some letters can be catastrophic. For example, in questions of evidence, such as for patents, years of research can go down the drain with a simple word choice. (Read article)





To translate or not to translate

Is it “for-information” or “for-publication”? How big is my audience? How technical or specialized is it? How important is it? Deciding what material to translate and whether you need professional translators with subject-matter expertise is not always easy. But taking the time to understand and make those decisions can pay off. (Read article)


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The right type of language professional

As globalization increases, there’s a good chance you’ll need the services of a linguist in the near future. When you do, you will want to know that there are different types of language professionals. You will need to choose one depending on the kind of language services you need. (Read article)


Find out what else the business community is learning about the translation and interpreting professions. You can read all of the articles authored by members of ATA’s Public Relations Committee here.

In addition, if you’re looking for ways to educate clients on the importance of hiring qualified language service professionals, point them to The ATA Compass, ATA’s client education blog. It’s a great resource for quick answers and insider information. Check it out today!


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