New ATA Webinar! A Hands-On Look at Déjà Vu X3 from Atril

October 12, 2017

A Hands-On Look at Déjà Vu X3 from Atril

Presenter: Steven Marzuola

Time: 12 Noon Eastern Daylight Saving Time

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Beginner

CE Point(s): 1

Registration: ATA Member ($45) | Non-Member ($60)

Computer-assisted translation programs such as translation memory are an essential tool for many professional translators.

This webinar will walk you through a translation using DVX3, including creating a project, assigning translation resources (TM, termbase, MT), the translation process, alternative views, quality assurance steps, and final review.

Other skills and programs that work in conjunction with DVX3 will be discussed.

What will you learn?
  1. How to set up a translation project using DVX3.
  2. Difficulties that may arise during a translation project and how they can be addressed.
  3. Other resources that can be used with the program, including MT, Word, PDF conversion tools, and AutoHotKey.
  4. Strengths of the program, including what types of translation it handle well and what advantages it offers over other tools.
  5. Opportunities for improvement, including areas where it does not compare as favorably.

About the presenter: 

Steven Marzuola grew up in Venezuela, where he worked in the drilling and production equipment sector of the oil industry. He has a BS in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in computer science. Since 1992, he has worked in technical translation and interpreting, focusing on energy and business assignments. He has held leadership positions in ATA and the Houston Interpreters and Translators Association, his local association, and made presentations on translation tools. He is focused on offering training opportunities and raising professional standards for translators and interpreters.

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