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In this issue: Membership Has Its Benefits; Outside the French Quarter; Board Meeting Highlights; Through the Looking Glass; and Language Technology “Wiki”

  • BP_MA2018

    Couples Counseling: Reimagining the Freelancer–Company Relationship

    Business Practices

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  • PE_MA2018

    Outside the French Quarter: The “Other” New Orleans

    From the President-Elect

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  • ED_MA2018

    Board Meeting Highlights

    From the Executive Director

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  • P_MA2018

    Membership Has Its Benefits: Are You Making the Most of Them?

    From the President

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  • IF_MA2018

    Through the Looking Glass

    Interpreters Forum

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  • RR_MA2018

    Language Technology Wiki: A Project “Devoted to Helping Evolve the Next Generation of Language Technology with Your Help”

    Resource Review

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