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In this issue: Priorities!; Board Meeting Highlights; When the Unthinkable Happens; Microwavable Notebooks and Other Contraptions; Interview with Abdelhafid Missouri, Arabic Interpreter; Okapi Tools

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    From the President

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    Board Meeting Highlights

    From the Executive Director

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    When the Unthinkable Happens and Giving Up Work Isn’t an Option

    Business Practices

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    Microwavable Notebooks and Other Contraptions

    Interpreters Forum

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    Interview with Abdelhafid Missouri, Arabic Interpreter

    Our World of Words

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    Okapi Tools: How Translators Can Take Advantage of Them

    Resource Review

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Bonus Features

    • 1*Oi6D1dlvnGd-4Ano968Lsw

      I’m happy to report that my alma mater, the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science, is still at the forefront of natural language processing, an extremely important subfield of artificial intelligence.

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    • translate

      ATA Client Education Through Public Relations

      For buyers of translation and interpreting services, it’s hard to know where to begin and what questions to ask. ATA’s Public Relations Committee is educating potential clients about why it’s important to hire skilled professionals.

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    • ata58_reception_1

      ATA58: Catch All the Great Moments!

      Experience the conference all over again, or see what you missed!

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