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Recent Articles: April 2007

ATA Certification: View of the Corporate Members
y Jiri Stejskal
The survey results discussed in this article represent a valuable first step in exploring the opinions of corporate members regarding ATA's Certification Program.

Go Team! Go! Success Is All About Collaboration
By Scott Crystal
Whatever variables are involved, developing a spirit of collaboration calls for leadership, people skills, business acumen, realistic expectations, and the ability to establish trust among team members.

The ABCs of Cyber Security: Spam-It Isn't Just for Breakfast Any More
By Keiran Dunne
Computers and the Internet offer unparalleled opportunities not only to those who use them, but also to those who abuse them.

The World According to Gap
By Jost Zetzsche
Translators, translation memory, and machine translation are here to stay. What will change is that the gaps between them will dissolve.

A Conference in Review: Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations
By Darci L. Graves
This conference represented an important step in building the essential link between quality, cultural competence, and disparities reduction.

The Transparent Translator: Is There Such a Beast?
By Inga Michaeli
Can there be transparency in translation, or is translation by its very nature visible? This article will use examples to probe whether an unequivocal answer to this question exists.

Moving Beyond the Literal: Translating Japanese Idiomatic Expressions
By James L. Davis
Idiomatic expressions have the potential to stop professional translators in their tracks. In this article, specific examples illustrate approaches for handling different types of idioms.