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Recent Articles: April 2009


Resolving Commercial Conflicts
By Dorothee Racette
Although even the most peace-loving people cannot avoid all conflict, research has come up with ways to manage those situations effectively and with as little time wasted as possible.

Introducing the National Museum of Language
By Greg Nedved
Many years in the making, the National Museum of Language in College Park, Maryland, has opened to the public with much fanfare.

Overcoming Termbase Trepidation
By Jason F. Kopp
This article describes some basic concepts in terminology management geared toward the needs of freelance translators.

What Is Really at Stake with Machine Translation?
By Rosana Wolochwianski
A brief review of the current status of machine translation tools and how they affect the different stakeholders in the translation arena.

School Outreach Profile: Facing the Interminator
By Lillian Clementi
When ATA member Johanna Klemm spoke to her daughter Alicia’s first-grade class, she was rewarded with humor, insight—and an unexpected opportunity for Alicia to share her own experiences with her classmates.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on Translation
Longfellow said a good translation is like a photograph: the best assembles the meaning, configuration, and phraseology of the original.