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Recent Articles: April 2010


How Do You Do That?
By Ewandro Magalhães
(Translated from the original Portuguese by Barry Slaughter Olsen)
Explore some counterintuitive processes that make simultaneous interpreting possible and learn the answer to a question that has puzzled interpreters for ages—but the answer may surprise you.

Translating Informed Consent: Methodological and Ethical Issues
By Eric S. Bullington
Informed consent is a critical ethical component of modern research involving human subjects. Accordingly, the translation of informed consent forms is critical to valid and ethical cross-cultural and cross-linguistic research studies.

A Closer Look at the Cosmetics Industry and the Role of Marketing Translation
By Agnes Meilhac
The language of cosmetics is a blend of technology and creativity. Translators working with marketing copy for cosmetic products are challenged continually to draw on their creative resources and knowledge.

Project Manager: The Maestro of Every Translation Project
By George Rimalower
Much like an orchestra conductor, a project manager must carefully guide the finest professionals in their craft to create a finished product that will be enthusiastically received by its audience.