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Recent Articles: April 2012


Introducing The ATA Guide to a Translation Services Agreement
By Stephanie Tramdack Cash and Paula Gordon
Drawing from the collective knowledge of independent contractors and translation company owners, The ATA Guide to a Translation Services Agreement is a new resource tool designed to assist translators in drafting contracts.

Translating for Nongovernmental Organizations
By Fabio M. Said
Translating for nongovernmental organizations represents a market where you can earn a living while working on issues about which you truly care.

Freelancer Envy
By Tony Beckwith
With a bit of luck, we can be anything we want to be if we are prepared to work for it.

Translating for Quebec: Eight Essential Rules to Follow
By Grant Hamilton
Quebec and Canadian clients have millions of words translated every year. You can tap into this market if you can deliver what these clients are looking for.