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Recent Articles: April 2013


How Mature Are We, Really, When It Comes to Language?
By Nataly Kelly
Why do those of us who work in the language field often take things so personally when it comes to language?

Seven Things a Chief Interpreter Wishes You Knew
By Ewandro Magalhães
An interpreter recruiter shares advice on the dos and don’ts for freelancers.

Training for Technical Translators: An Interview with Uwe Muegge
By Marta Chereshnovska
In addition to developing skills in translation core technologies like terminology management, translation memory, and machine translation systems, what other skills are necessary for students of technical translation?

Translators and Self-Published Authors: A Partnership for the New Digital
Publishing Age
By Rafa Lombardino
If you are thinking of gaining experience as a literary translator, you might want to consider a relatively untapped niche: self-publishing.