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April 2015

April Chronicle

Best Practices in Translations for Legal Evidence: How to Protect Yourself and Your Clients
By Martin J. Cross
Legal settings require special translation practices. Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself and your clients, manage issues such as certification and conflict of interest, and deal with challenges.

Never-Ending Imbalance?
By Andrew Bell, Eve Bodeux, Corinne McKay, Marianne Reiner, and Karen Tkaczyk
Juggling your professional and personal life in a way that allows you to succeed at both is not easy, especially if you’re counting on that paycheck. Learn what some of your colleagues are doing to avoid being on call 24/7.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? The Strange Case of Medical Marketing Translation
By Erin M. Lyons
Medical marketing translation is a billion-dollar industry rife with budding opportunities, drivers, and “pharmerging” markets; however, it is also a specialization that requires linguists to marry technical expertise with inspired messaging.

Skirting the Juniper Brambles: A Translator Narrowly Misses Getting Trapped in the Copyright Thicket
By Anne Milano Appel with legal commentary by Erach F. Screwvala, Esq.
What are the benefits of holding a copyright? An awareness of our rights and a willingness to stand up for them are critical when negotiating with publishers.