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Recent Articles: August 2006


Translating for the Capital Markets
By Marian S. Greenfield
An overview of capital markets terminology.

Translator and Reporter: A Behind the Scenes Conversation

By Kari Lydersen and Susana Galilea
What do translators and journalists have in common? How can they better understand each other's craft and work together?

Glossary Mining: Down Tunnel Number 2

By Lee Wright
It is amazing what information you can find if you know where to look.

How to Translate a Recording, Testify about It, and Survive the Experience

By Clifford S. Fishman
If you have never done legal transcription before, you are about to enter a somewhat murky world, with its own vocabulary, guideposts, and potential pitfalls.

Researching Medical Terminology

By Holly Mikkelson
An overview of resources that medical interpreters can use to prepare for technical or unusual assignments.

What's in a Word?

By Jill R. Sommer and Marita Marcano
Whichever way you calculate, you might be selling yourself short.

Inventive Step: ATA Holds Patent Seminar

By Lillian Clementi
Highlights of ATA's first-ever patent seminar, held June 17 in Arlington, Virginia.

New Orleans: A Cultural Feast

By Beth Nazar
Attendees at this year's ATA Annual Conference in New Orleans, November 1-4, will have the opportunity to experience the city's charm firsthand.