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Recent Articles: August 2009

Interpreting Bad News:
What Interpreters Might Learn from Medical Training and Research
By Laura Espondaburu
Reviewing the different training strategies offered to health care professionals for delivering bad news to patients can help interpreters do a better job under difficult circumstances.

A Beginner’s Guide to Video Interpreting
By Nataly Kelly
Learn about the emerging modality of video interpreting—where it is used, what technology it employs, and for which applications it is most useful.

ATA School Outreach Profile: Man With a Mission
By Lillian Clementi
Belkacem Hacene-Djaballah is on a mission to overcome American students’ fear of foreign languages.

Report on ATA’s Building Your Business Seminar
By Donna Sandin
Participants at ATA’s recent professional development seminar were treated to lively presentations on résumés, dealing with agency clients, and project management, as well as multiple opportunities to market their services.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
Frederick Ungar
By Henry Fischbach
A profile of Frederick Ungar, a publisher and translator for 65 years, and namesake of ATA’s Ungar German Translation Award.