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Recent Articles: August 2010


What Technology Companies Won’t Tell You: The Truth Behind Integration
By Bob Donaldson
Language technology vendors and industry pundits agree—new technology will improve productivity in our industry. But what don’t they tell you? Here are some thoughts for reducing the “surprise” factor.

Text-Based Adventure: The Art of Translating Video Games
By Nora Stevens Heath
The author provides an overview of video game translation, touching on the different types of translations involved as well as some of the unique challenges it presents.

Translating Barefoot Gen: Evolution of a Manga Translation Project
By Alan Gleason
Project Gen inadvertently became the world’s first publisher of manga (Japanese comics) in translation when it issued Barefoot Gen Volume One in 1978. Since the tenth and final English volume was not completed until 2009, the evolution of the Gen series exemplifies changes in the translation of manga over the past three decades.

Language Industry Comes Together for Haiti and the Future
By Alexandra Farkas
While there have been other massive disasters with international relief needs, Haiti brought the translation community together like never before.