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Recent Articles: August 2011


New Policy and Governance Structure for ATA Divisions
By Dorothee Racette
ATA’s new Governing Policy for Divisions contains many significant innovations for division leadership. The most significant is the establishment of a Leadership Council for each division, which will share the workload associated with increased membership and ensure the future of the division.

Translating Labels for Museum Exhibitions
By David McKay
Translators of museum texts, particularly those to be used in exhibitions, must package information effectively to help visitors engage with the objects around them.

Computer Crash – Twice! SDL Trados Studio Lost – Twice! Now What???
By John Matthews
It seems that sometimes the installation of new software can adversely affect other existing software on your computer. Following a few preventive tips can help you avoid disaster.

Talking with a Project Coordinator for Interpreting: Meredith Liscovitz
By Evelyn Yang Garland
A project coordinator for interpreting services provides an inside look into the daily operations of a large company, including tips on how to get assignments.