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Recent Articles: August 2013

Anatomy and Physiology and Judiciary Interpreters
By Jennifer De La Cruz

Interpreters can be caught off guard when it comes to interpreting the details surrounding wounds, injuries, and common medical conditions discussed in both criminal and civil litigation. By studying the terminology we anticipate encountering, we are being proactive about an extremely important aspect of our work.

The Words Others Use to Describe Those Who Translate
By Nataly Kelly

How do others describe those who translate, and how do they refer to the environment in which these individuals and organizations work?

Essential Steps for Preparing a Document for Translation: A Project Manager’s Perspective
By George Rimalower

Here are a few essential steps that lead to consistent, high-quality translation services.

Author and Translator: A Success Story
By Giles Watson

This article outlines the landmark projects in a satisfying working relationship—and friendship—that spans two decades.