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Recent Articles: August 2014

Legal Translator Liability:Some Myths and Realities
By Thomas B.Mann
Here is an explanation of the basic tenets of the law governingtranslator liability and why legal translators are probably less vulnerable than they think.

“Power” Words to Do Justice to Interpreters and Language Services Providers
By David L. Lauman
The proper use of “power” words can improve the public’s perception of professional interpreters by portraying interpreting as a rigorous, intellectually demanding endeavor.

Whatever Could Be Said
By Ewandro Magalhães
How an unprecedented and expeditious method of interpretingmade the Nuremberg trials possible.

A Strategy for Expressing Arabic DiglossicElements in English
By Carmen Cross
When translating from a language that exhibits diglossia, such as Arabic, into one that doesnot, such as English, it is important to analyze each dialectal element individually and todecide if it should be expressed in the target language and, if so, how best to express it.

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