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Recent Articles: February 2006

Developing a Mentoring Program? Key Questions to Guide Your Journey
By Brenda Nicodemus
Here are eight key questions you should ask when thinking of developing a mentoring program.

Resume Writing for Freelancers
By Beth Podrovitz and Jiri Stejskal
Having a professional resume is an absolute must for a freelancer who wants to do business with a translation company. Investing time and effort in getting it right will lead to new business and a successful career.

The Entrepreneurial Translator
By Martin Alianelli
Repeat business is a measure of greatness reserved for translators who, besides being expert word and meaning craftsmen, have a personal and professional commitment to service excellence.

Translator Profile: Izumi Suzuki Loves a Challenge
By S. Alexandra Russell-Bitting
For this interpreter, client satisfaction is one of the most rewarding aspects of any assignment.

The California Healthcare Interpreting Association: Celebrating 10 Years in the Field
By Katharine Allen
Healthcare interpreting is a fast-evolving field. The California Healthcare Interpreting Association is a leading state association that has been helping to provide services to interpreters as well as defining and pushing forward this young profession.

O! Pioneers: A Commentary on Nebraska's Translators and Interpreters
By Janet Bonet

There are hundreds of frontier practitioners starved for professional development who are distanced financially or geographically from universities or specialty programs.

A Second Pair of Eyes: Revision, Editing , and Proofreading
By S. Alexandra Russell-Bitting

Make no mistake, inadvertent translation bloopers can ruin an otherwise excellent job.

Watch Your Language! Translating Euphemisms
By Peter Unseth
A discussion of the four basic ways to translate euphemisms, including some practical tips.

The Nice Thing about Standards is...
By Alan K. Melby
Several ATA members attended a first-of-its-kind international conference dedicated to language standards. This article provides an overview of the event and explores the significance of standards to translators and translation companies.