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Recent Articles: February 2009


ATA Stalwart Sandra Burns Thomson Wins
2007-2008 ATA School Outreach Award
By Lillian Clementi
A determination to stay involved in her son’s school ultimately led Sandra Burns Thomson to the winning photo in the 2007-2008 ATA School Outreach contest.

Speaking in the First Person When that First Person is Not You
By Jackie Metivier
Stepping into the public eye to promote the recognition of our profession not only makes good business sense, but is our duty as members of professional groups. The author describes her recent radio interview that focused on her work as an interpreter.

Top 10 Pet Peeves of a Technical Translator
By Linda L. Gaus
This list of pet peeves just might help you open up the channels of communication with the client, avoid common translation pitfalls, and make the translation process as pleasant as possible for everyone.

A True Tool Box
By Jost Zetzsche
This month, in lieu of his regular GeekSpeak column, Jost brings us an eclectic list of tools that might be helpful for many.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
What was sound advice for novice translators 30 years ago still holds true today.