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Recent Articles: February 2011


Insights from the Tech Desk: Sitting Down with Jost Zetzsche
By Marcela Jenney
Jost Zetzsche shares his perspective on many aspects of the industry, including social media, the essential role of humans in the development of translation technology, as well as predictions for the translation and localization industry for the next five years.

Spreading the Word: Ana Safrin Wins 2009-2010 School Outreach Contest
By Meghan McCallum
Career day presentations at her daughters’ school gave Ana Safrin a chance to promote the profession—and to capture the winning photo for ATA’s 2009-2010 School Outreach Contest.

How Much Per Word?
By Lawrence Schofer
Freelance translators tend to obsess about per-word reimbursement rates, but they often do not set their rates in a manner that reflects goals and working habits.

Another Jog Through the Juniper: A Translator’s Further Excursions into the Copyright Thicket
By Anne Milano Appel with legal commentary by Jeffrey S. Ankrom
Getting a good contract may depend on your doing some homework and raising the right questions at the right time.