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Recent Articles: February 2012


February Chronicle

The Importance of Linguistic Discretion in the Age of Facebook
By John Watkins
While contracts protect confidential information, we often misunderstand the terms. Learn more about confidential information, the risks of disclosure, and what measures should be taken to protect it.

Getting Creative in the Classroom: School Outreach Winner Marcelo Pelliccioni
By Tess Whitty
Marcelo Pelliccioni uses a variety of methods to educate students in middle school and beyond about careers in translation and interpreting.

Translation and Interpreting on the American Frontier: Incidents and Issues
By Eric A. Bye
Early on, interpreters and translators in North America wrestled with end-client revisions, errors, omissions, illegible copy— plus hazardous working conditions, treachery, and mortal danger.

Interview with Marcela Jenney: Translators and Branding 2.0
By Jennifer Bikkál Horne
In today’s market, we need to create, cultivate, and maintain a brand identity that is consistent with our goals.