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Recent Articles: January 2007


Nisei Linguists During WWII and the Occupation of Japan
By Kayoko Takeda
During WWII and the occupation of Japan, Nisei (second-generation Japanese Americans) played crucial roles as translators and interpreters, in addition to serving other important language-related functions. The following is an overview of their recruitment and activities.

Questions Are an Editor's Best Friend
By Jacki Noh
By asking questions both before and after you have accepted an editing job, you are increasing the chances that the project will end in complete success.

Picking Berries With TRADOS
By Tuomas Kostiainen
Utilizing the more advanced features of TRADOS will help make your translation work more efficient. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

The Association of Translation Companies 30th Anniversary Conference
By Rina Ne'eman
Many of us attend ATA conferences and events, but it is always an interesting and welcome opportunity when we get the chance to explore and experience our industry from a different perspective.

Interpreter Certification Programs in the U.S. Where Are We Headed?
By Nataly Kelly

How is certification currently defined for community and court interpreting in the U.S., and what is happening within the industry to define it in the future?