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Recent Articles: January 2012


Call for Nominations: ATA Directors

2011 Honors and Awards Recipients
And the winners are...

Not Your Father’s Bureau: Who Are We and Where Are We Going?
By Mónica Alvarez
As the roles of the FBI’s linguists have changed, so have the opportunities that are available.

More About Post-Editing
By Mike Dillinger
Machine translation software extends translation memory products by building
better “assembled” translations. Clients ask for “full” post-editing or “minimal”
post-editing at discounted rates that can actually make translators more money.

Translation Tango
By Tony Beckwith
How should we go about translating a tango?

Interpreting and the Digital Revolution
By Barry S. Olsen
InterpretAmerica Co-President Barry S. Olsen’s keynote address to attendees of the 32nd Annual Conference of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.