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Recent Articles: July 2007

The Pace of Progress: The Changing Patent Landscape
By Lillian Clementi
The U.S. patent system is broken, says a growing chorus of critics, and the past year has seen significant attempts to fix it in all three branches of the U.S. government. Current trends toward reform could have profound effects on patent practice and patent translators.

ATA’s Legal Translation & Interpreting Seminar
By Anne Connor
If you have the opportunity to take advantage of an ATA professional development seminar, don’t miss it!

What Did the Agency Promise the Client?
By Gregor Everitt
Can a promise between the translation agency and the client truly be fulfilled if each party is operating under different assumptions?

Nigerian 419 E-Mail Scams
By Keiran Dunne
419 scams are a variation of a centuries-old confidence trick whereby criminals persuade victims to provide money with the promise of realizing substantially larger returns.

Taking the Plunge: Part 2
By Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
Thinking about computer-assisted tools? Here are the questions you should ask yourself about your work, your translation processes, and what you need from a tool.

Glossary Mining: Science, from Geology to Zoology
By Lee Wright
It’s science time again!