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Recent Articles: July 2008


How to Work Efficiently with an Agency: Freelancing Tips for Newcomers
By Cristina Jaouen
Translation and interpreting are two complementary but different professions. This article presents an overview of some things to keep in mind when entering the translation and interpreting professions.

Being Bilingual Is Not Enough
By Frank Johnson
Although bilingualism is a basic prerequisite for interpreters, for translators, high-level source-language reading skills and excellent target-language writing skills are far more important than bilingualism.

IntelliWebSearch: A Configurable Search Tool for Translators
By Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
Would you like to save time on Web searches? If so, IntelliWebSearch could be for you!

ATA in the Nation’s Capital
By Barbara Oldroyd
ATA’s Government Seminar, another in a series of popular professional development seminars, offered presentations by those in the federal government, the District of Columbia Superior Court, and a government contractor.