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Recent Articles: July 2009


The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Art of Relationship-Building with Direct Clients
By Judy A. Jenner
The most relevant lesson is knowing that your long-term success is going to depend on the strength of the relationships you can form with your repeat customers.

Professional Associations: They Are Not Just for Professionals
By Michael Collins
Professional associations offer an excellent platform from which to share knowledge about the field with potential future colleagues.

The Role of Interpreters During Disasters
By Betsy Gard
This article reviews how working as part of a disaster response team affects the interpreter. Suggestions are given on how to manage stress associated with dramatic events.

ATA Translation Tools Seminar in San Francisco
By Tuomas Kostiainen
ATA’s Translation Tools Seminar in San Francisco brought nearly a hundred language professionals together to learn about computer-assisted translation programs and other productivity tools.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
The Translator’s Role in an International Society
A 1966 perspective of the linguist’s role in an increasingly globalized society.