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Recent Articles: July 2010


Andrea Ondak Wins Naming Contest: New Client Outreach Newsletter Dubbed The ATA Compass
By Lillian Clementi
Andrea Ondak, a French→English translator and English copywriter based in Connecticut, won the naming contest for ATA’s new client outreach newsletter, The ATA Compass.

Does Translation Matter?
By Susan Welsh
Edith Grossman’s Why Translation Matters is a thoughtful and hard-hitting argument that literary translation is something a civilized society simply cannot do without. So why do most large English-language publishers—unlike their counterparts in continental Europe—refuse to issue more than one or two such translations per year?

Report on ATA/Delaware Valley Translators Association Finance Seminar
By Timothy A. Brinkley
This skill-building seminar—geared toward translation and interpreting in the new economy—presented an opportunity to learn finance from the experts.

Translatability and Untranslatability in Simultaneous Interpreting (Or Overcoming the Mot Juste Syndrome)
By James Nolan
Why do translators and interpreters need to employ different tactics to render meaning? The answer could lie in an examination of the encoding process that takes place during every interpreted encounter.