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Recent Articles: July 2012


Opportunities and Risks in Providing English Translations for the Swiss Insurance Industry
By Anli van der Walt and Reinhard Kunz
The popularity of English in the Swiss business environment, including the insurance industry, offers attractive opportunities for English translators in numerous specialized fields. However, the fact that English is not a national language in Switzerland poses significant challenges.

Self-Management for Freelance Translators
By Nicole Y. Adams
Here are some tips on how to manage your priorities better in order to work more efficiently.

When There Are No Words: Translating from the “Heart”
By Maxwell Hoffmann
It is astonishing how much information we can convey with no words or vocabulary.

Acronym Translation Strategies
By Jenn Mercer
Acronyms cause trouble disproportionate to their size, but with a few clever strategies, sneaky tricks, and a bit of luck, we can translate them successfully.