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Recent Articles: July 2014

Emotional Intelligence: Are You Hitting a Wall?
By Laura Ball and Karen Tkaczyk
If you know your emotional triggers, you will be in a better position to cope with stressful situations when they arise. Emotional intelligence is one factor that predicts success.

Translating Pathology Reports: An Outline
By Marie Brotnov
Pathology reports are notoriously challenging, as they combine highly technical language with sometimes poetic modifiers that call for both scientific expertise and creativity on the part of the translator.

Internationalization and Localization: An Interview with Cisco’s Gary Lefman
By Marta Chereshnovska
Even though there are many software applications being developed in the U.S., there is still too little consideration for the global user. Changing the mindset of development teams—convincing them of the real value of internationalization—is a monumental task.

Enhancing Short-Term Memory for Accurate Interpreting
By Roda P. Roberts
Short-term memory, also referred to as working memory, plays a very important role in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Let’s examine how short-term memory functions in the two main modes of interpreting and learn about some exercises for improving your memory store.

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