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Recent Articles: June 2006

Mardi Gras Magic
By Beth Nazar

Attendees at this year's ATA Annual Conference in New Orleans (November 1-4) will find a vibrant city with much to offer its guests, including a diverse culture and longstanding traditions.

Types of Patent Translation

By Martin Cross
There are five different types of patent translation; find out which kind is on your desk.

Guess What: Time for Your Audit (and I don't mean by the IRS!)

By Michael Collins
Even small- and medium-sized agencies can suddenly find themselves the object of an audit. It is important to document what you do-for more reasons than one.

The Translator's Tightrope: Recognizing and Avoiding Overtranslation

By John Rock
Almost every translator is familiar with the problems of inadequate translation, or undertranslation, but there also exists a more insidious type of translation error at the other end of the spectrum: overtranslation.

I Never Wear Shoes to Work

By Susan C. Rials
How I found success, fulfillment, and even happiness as an independent translator. Glossary Mining

By Lee Wright

It is amazing how much information is now available right at your fingertips, but it is also somewhat disappointing to see some of the really poor efforts made in compiling a glossary of specialized terms.

Save Time and Avoid Errors with MS Word's AutoCorrect

By Clifford E. Landers
Even if you are the world's fastest typist, why enter a frequently repeated term each time it occurs?

Transit and TRADOS: Converging Functions, Diverging Approaches

By Tim Hallett
One's personal preferences with regard to translation memory software will depend greatly on what one expects the software to do.