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Recent Articles: June 2009

E-mail Marketing for Translators

By Jill R. Sommer
It is difficult for translation agencies and direct clients to send work if they are unaware that you are out there.

Lessons from Nevada: Establishing a Local Translator/Interpreter Organization
By Judy A. Jenner and Karen M. Tkaczyk
Establishing a regional translators and interpreters organization is not an unmanageable task. This article outlines the authors’ experiences in starting an organization in Nevada.

Multilingual Search Engine Optimization
By Orad Elkayam
Driving targeted users to a company’s website is a top priority for almost any business. Multilingual search engine optimization is the most effective way to create this traffic by getting the company’s name on Google and other major search engines.

School Outreach Profile: Opening a New Door
By Lillian Clementi
An encounter with a former professor lands ATA member Clarisse Bandeira de Mello in a college classroom, where she introduces a group of translation students to the nuts and bolts of interpreting.

MemoQ: A Strong Contender for the Title of Best Translation Environment Tool
By Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
With innovative features, ease of operation, and stability, MemoQ is a great all-around translation environment tool.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
No More Retyping
By George Sheehan
Developing ways to improve productivity and accuracy is nothing new.