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Recent Articles: June 2010


Tables Turned: Workers’ Compensation Law and the Language Services Industry
By Arianna M. Aguilar
Workers’ compensation is an income-generating industry for interpreters and translators. However, as language professionals, we need to be aware of how workers’ compensation law applies to our industry, and who is required to purchase insurance.

Marketing 101 for Translation Companies
By Grant Hamilton
The basics of marketing apply to us, and we disregard them at our peril. Marketing is not just flashy websites. It is the sum total of everything you do.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets: Data Security and Confidentiality
By Michael Wahlster
It is always shocking to learn how many translators put no thought or effort into developing strategies to secure their data, even though these data are the lifeblood of their business.

Stress Busters for Interpreters (And Everyone Else)
By Julie Burns
Health care interpreters face multiple sources of stress. Learn self-care techniques to change your stress responses before they become a chronic problem.