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Recent Articles: June 2012


Pricing Strategies for Translators and Interpreters
By Judy Jenner
Setting your rates is not about what someone else is charging. In lieu of her regular “Entrepreneurial Linguist” column, Judy Jenner answers questions from members about making the best pricing decisions for your business.

Xbench and ChangeTracker: Two Freeware Tools for Translation
Quality Assurance
By Riccardo Schiaffino
An essential step before delivering our translations is confirming that their quality
and consistency satisfy our customers’ needs. ApSIC’s Xbench and Technolex Translation Studio’s ChangeTracker are two Windows programs that can help achieve this goal.

Translating Technical Manuals: Frequently Asked Questions
By João Roque Dias
An examination of the dos and don’ts of translating technical manuals.

Oral Flashcards: Tapping into Auditory and Vocal Skills to Improve
Term Acquisition
By Julie A. Sellers
Oral flashcards can facilitate acquisition and recall of content and help improve our
efficiency as interpreters.