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Recent Articles: June 2014

The Debate Over Language Access in Court: Who Should Pay for the Interpreter in Civil Proceedings?
By Dan DeCoursey
In California, where the state courts are currently developing a language access plan, there is an ongoing debate about whether the courts should provide an interpreter for all civil litigants, or if those who can afford to hire their own interpreter should be required to do so. Let’s look at both sides of this important issue, which will affect many of us in the near future.

On the Origins of the Latin Alphabet
By Tony Beckwith
How did writing start? And why? What were people so keen to write about that they invented writing?

Creating a Marketing Plan for Freelance Translators: A Practical Guide
By Tess Whitty
Most of us know that we should have a marketing plan for our small business, but how do we create one targeted specifically to our profession?

Interpreter of Maladies
By Ewandro Magalhães
Health care interpreting is a gentle reminder of what interpreting is about: humans interacting to satisfy immediate human needs.

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