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June 2015

The Opportunity Cost of Freelancing
By John Milan
Setting a “fair price” for your services based upon your own needs and desires is a useful exercise for any self-employed professional, but it’s only the first step in a larger process.

Increasing Quality and Productivity: Utilizing the Multilingual Resources of the European Union
By Silvia D’Amico
With 24 official languages, the European Union has developed excellent multilingual resources. This is important to us as professional linguists, since retrieving official documents is key when working with high-profile financial, legal, or medical projects.

A Name by Any Other Name
By Tony Beckwith
How do you handle proper names in translation?

A Deliberate Practice Approach to Skill Development
By Rachel E. Herring
While we know that practice plays a key role in developing interpreting competence, we also know that practice doesn’t always pay off as much or as quickly as we might like. Here’s an overview of skill acquisition studies and deliberate practice, including recommendations for maximizing the effects of practice time for trainers, students, and practicing professionals.

An Interview with Reading in Translation’s Lucina Schell
By Lisa Carter
The founding editor of Reading in Translation discusses how she created a forum for reviewers of literary translation.