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Recent Articles: March 2008

Call for Nominations

The 2008 Nominating Committee is pleased to call for nominations from ATA’s membership to fill the positions of one director (a one-year term), as well as three directors’ positions (each a three-year term).

Good Chemistry: Getting a Letter to the Editor into Print
By Lillian Clementi
With support from the Public Relations Committee, three ATA members promote the profession in a key trade publication.

Translating U.S. Undergraduate Admissions into Spanish
By Michael Doyle
There is a growing need to translate admissions materials for U.S. colleges and universities into Spanish.

A License to Interpret
By Nataly Kelly
Certification and licensure each have some interesting points of distinction and possible intersection, and the coexistence of the two can present both benefits and challenges.

The Way We Were
By Bernie Bierman
A bit of a rear-mirror view of what translation and translators, and translation technology in the U.S., looked like some 50 years ago.