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Recent Articles: March 2011


Using Social Media to Boost Your Language Services Business
By Nataly Kelly
Most language services providers agree that a social media presence is important, but very few stop to consider what kind of presence they want to create.

Creative Thinking: Doing What a Machine Cannot
By Grant Hamilton
Tomorrow’s successful translators will be beloved not for their huge store of technical knowledge, but for their nimble style, effortless fluency, and ready grasp of the communication objective at hand.

Post-Translation Client Review
By Melissa Ramer
Most of the pitfalls of the post-translation client review process can be avoided when all parties have a better understanding of the process and the expectations for the end result.

Things Can Only Get Better!
By Jost Zetzsche
This month, in lieu of his regular GeekSpeak column, Jost gives translation tool vendors some suggestions regarding what users are looking for in terms of capability.

2011 Honors and Awards
ATA presents annual and biennial awards to encourage, reward, and publicize outstanding work done by both seasoned professionals and students of our craft. The complete entry procedures are listed in this issue.