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Recent Articles: March 2013


Launching a New Graduate Studies Program in Translation and Interpreting: A Case Study in Creative Tenacity
By David B. Sawyer and Shawn J. Parry-Giles
The establishment of the University of Maryland’s new graduate studies program is a
case study in the creative tenacity required to address the demand for translator and interpreter education.

Add Arabic and Simmer for Eight Centuries
By Tony Beckwith
A brief account of the origins and evolution of the Spanish language.

Medical Interpreters and Burnout: Preventing a Negative Outcome
By Kristin Gannett-Sánchez
Interpreters need to take care of themselves while taking on the responsibilities of the

From Freelancer to Factory Girl: The Professional and Personal Benefits of Returning to the Office
By Hilary Fayen Higgins
Why would you give up a successful business as a freelancer to go back to work for a