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Recent Articles: March 2014

The Pitfalls of Automation: What Happens When Technology Fails?
By Dan DeCoursey
Whether we like it or not, most of us are rapidly embracing new technologies that will change the way we work dramatically. The question is: As we become more efficient, are we losing any important skills in the process?

An Approach to the Back Translation of Medical/Pharmaceutical Texts
By Celeste Klein and Scott Van Til
Back translators walk a fine line between literalness and mistranslation.

The Translator as an Editor
By Christelle Maginot
When it comes to ambiguous (or untranslatable) source copy, a translator is confronted with more than the not-so-simple choice between editing and not editing. How do we prove to our clients that an inquisitive translator is good news?

The University of Life
By Tony Beckwith
And where the words go, the translator must follow.