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March 2015

Report on the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year
By Ted R. Wozniak
ATA’s treasurer provides a detailed report on the Association’s finances.

Setting a Fair Price: It’s All about You
By Jonathan Hine
Knowing whether you’re making money or giving your work away is crucial to running
a sound business. Here are six simple steps to figure out your breakeven point.

It’s Tax Time--Are You Ready? Tax Tips for Independent Contractors
By Mary Geisenhoff
Here’s a quick look at tax implications for translators and interpreters who
work as independent contractors. Pertinent deductions are explained to assist
you when doing your taxes.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act: The Long Arm of the Law
By Lorena Pike
Learn why and how the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act came about, its global affect, and the terminology in its agreements.

Who’s That Invisible Dame?
By Giovanna Lester
An example of how poor interpreting techniques can interfere with court transcription and cause conflict in the case.