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Recent Articles: May 2009


First Date: Outreach from the Machine Translation Community to Translators
By Laurie Gerber and Jay Marciano
What do translators need and want from technology, and what can machine translation/language technology developers do to help?

Using Patents to Find the Terminology You Need
By Bruce D. Popp
Patent practitioners search for the technical art most relevant to an invention. Translators can use patents found during that search as a source of relevant terminology.

On Becoming a Literary Translator
By John B. Jensen
The author shares his personal experiences along the road to becoming a literary translator, including the challenges, approaches, ethical decisions, and rewards.

ATA: Looking Back Through Words
Translators Hall of Fame: Lewis Galantière
By Henry Fischbach (ATA president, 1965-1967)
A banker and literary translator, Lewis Galantière’s contributions to literary translation and the profession as a whole live on to this day.