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Recent Articles: May 2012


India Finds a Place on the Translation-Localization Map
By Vijayalaxmi Hegde
Many companies with clientele in India are now hoping to market their wares in Indian languages in order to grow. These companies will need language services providers who can support them and meet their needs.

Automated Speech Recognition: Translator Friend or Foe?
By Hassan Sawaf and Jonathan Litchman
Speech recognition is the new hot technology, but will it be a friend or foe of translators as it is integrated with machine translation and used in real-time voice translation applications?

From Hippocrates to Hypoglycemia: Demystifying Medical Terminology
By Gary Smith
Medical lexis sometimes appears in general texts, so a basic knowledge of the subject can always come in handy.

Just for the Thrill of It!
By Ángeles Estrada
A fun and off-kilter look at the interpreting profession.