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Recent Articles: May 2014

Assisting Researchers in the Translation and Submission of a Manuscript for Publication

By Sergio Lozano
Translating a research paper can be simple or difficult depending on the translator’s ability to get the idea across, and on the researcher’s ability to draft a manuscript that conveys very clearly the ideas he or she wishes to share with the scientific community.

11 Tips for Freelance Translators from a Project Manager
By Enas Ibrahim
Here are some tips from a project manager that will help you work more efficiently and avoid some of the recurring issues she encounters on a daily basis.

Bilingual Writing for Big Business
By Maggey Oplinger
Bilingual writing in a corporate setting can be unsettlingly inexact. Few established rules govern the skill set of a bilingual writer in this area, where the goal is to communicate ideas and strategies from multiple authors/sources to meet a specific business need.

Biofeedback for Booth Jesters
By Ewandro Magalhães
When hundreds of heads turn back to locate you in the booth, let it be for the right reasons.