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May 2015

Progress in Public Relations

By Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo, ATA Public Relations Committee Chair
The challenge for ATA’s PR Committee is to unite the voices of our members to promote the translation and interpreting professions.

Indigenous Languages and the Courts: Challenges in Providing Language Access to Indigenous Immigrants
By Dan DeCoursey
In certain areas of the U.S., there are large communities of indigenous immigrants from Latin America who speak no or very limited Spanish. Despite the efforts of community organizations and interpreter training programs, many courts continue to struggle to find interpreters for indigenous languages. Persistent misconceptions about these languages can exacerbate the problem. Here’s an up-close look at the situation, and some possible solutions.

Not Your Mother’s Latin: Honing Your Medical Terminology for Medical Interpreter Certification
By Marjory A. Bancroft and Katharine Allen
What’s one of the best study approaches for preparing for the written certified medical interpreter exam? An interactive one, of course! You need to enjoy honing your terminology instead of developing a migraine.

Untranslatable Text: Myth, Reality, or Something Else? A Translator’s Reflections on Translation and “Untranslatability”
By Christelle Maginot
As difficult to prove as to disprove, untranslatability has been a hot topic of debate for centuries. But what is it, really, and how closely is it related to everyone’s understanding of translation as a concept? Are we always using the word untranslatable correctly?

The Color of American Language: Figurative Usage of Words for Colors
By Marv Rubinstein
The translation of colors provides a challenge to translators that is more complicated than it seems, particularly when using a term figuratively.