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Recent Articles: November/December 2006

Taxes? Now?
By Dorothee Racette and Nicholas Hartmann
The end of the year is actually the perfect time to think about taxes!

An Overview of Vendor Management Today
By Charles Campbell
Why give business away by saying that your company "doesn't do that language" when you could invest time and energy in finding, qualifying, and maintaining a network of vendors to provide these services?

Band-Aid Interpreter or Culture Consultant? A Different Approach to Culture Brokering
By Zarita Araujo-Lane, Edited by Vonessa Phillips
Good interpreting is not just based on accuracy, but on how the interpreter manages the dynamics of the triadic encounter.

Team Interpreting: Does It Really Work?
By Giovanna L. Carnet

A discussion of the issues facing interpreters who would like to introduce the team interpreting concept into their districts, including tips on how to approach the subject.

An Update on Argentine Political Jargon
By Rut Simcovich
As a living reflection of reality, language is constantly evolving thanks to popular creativity, which uses current developments in any field to coin new and ingenious ways of describing things.

The Critical Role of the Medical Interpreter: An ATA Seminar
By Ivonne Blandon
Another opportunity to learn from experts in the field.