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Recent Articles: November/December 2007


Kent State University Ph.D. in Translation Studies
By Françoise Massardier-Kenney
The growing recognition by the federal government that language professionals, like other professionals, need access to specialized curricula taught by trained faculty convinced the State of Ohio of the need to create a Ph.D. program in translation studies at Kent State University in 2007.

“Profezional Linguist Seekign Work”:
Tips for Building a Successful Localization Résumé
By Elizabeth M. Taylor
In the virtual world of translation, your résumé will often be the deciding factor as to whether or not you will be considered for work. Here are some tips to make a stronger impact on potential employers.

The Cost of Interpreters Using Interruptions in the Courtroom
By Marianne Mason
This article explores how the interpreter’s use of interruptions to manage memory affects the quality of the interpreter’s renditions.

Home Exchanges Make Long Trips Affordable
By Thomas Hedden
Translators need regular in-country experience to maintain their skills. Home exchanges make it affordable to spend longer periods in foreign countries.

LogiTerm: Your Personal Search Engine, Part I
By Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
LogiTerm is really three tools in one!