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Recent Articles: November/December 2009

American Translators Association

Cautions White House on Future Language Policy
ATA recently issued a response to the White House’s Strategy for Innovation policy paper, stating that both translation software and qualified human translators are vital to language security.

Role of Medical Linguists in an Influenza Pandemic
By Patricia Thickstun
Medical linguists need to be prepared to meet the challenges they will face during the current influenza pandemic.

The Pitfalls of the Long Consecutive Mode in the
Courtroom: Learning When to Use It
By Janis Palma
In certain cases, the long consecutive mode might not be the most appropriate choice for the judiciary interpreter. This article discusses aspects of discourse that interpreters must keep in mind when choosing among long, short, or semi-consecutive renditions.

Plagiarism Facts for Translators and Other Freelancers
By Sarah Alys Lindholm in consultation with Irina Greenman
When it comes to issues of plagiarism, translation can become a pretty murky area.