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Time to Declutter! 15 Decluttering Tips for Subtitling (And Other Media)
By Bianca Bold and Carolina Alfaro de Carvalho
These 15 decluttering tips will help translators deal with the challenges posed by space, time, and intelligibility constraints in video subtitling and other types of translation.

Practical Pointers for Dictation Software
By Mario E. Chávez
Dictation software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be a boon to translators seeking to cut down on typing. This review presents some time-saving tips.

Chinese Character Usage in New York City
By Mathew Kane
Which Chinese character set and dialect would you use when translating public service announcements for New York City’s subway?

Global English (Globish) and Its Impact on the Translator
By Jeana M. Clark and Esma A. Gregor
As globalization spreads, language professionals are increasingly asked to edit or translate documents showing the telltale signs of Global English.