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Recent Articles: October 2007


Exploring Freelance Business Practices
By Dorothee Racette
Thanks to the 1,077 individuals who participated in ATA’s Business Practices Survey this spring, four specific areas of business performance were identified as top priorities for a majority of ATA freelancers.

2007 ATA Pro Bono Project
By Kirk Anderson
The beneficiary of this year’s ATA pro bono project is the San Francisco-based Center for the Art of Translation.

Insult to Injury: When Your Client Goes Bankrupt
By Mike Collins
Bankruptcy is a fact of life in the business world. Companies fail for all sorts of reasons, and the personal and commercial repercussions are often wide-ranging. For suppliers to those companies, the disruption can be difficult or even crippling.

across: A Translation Environment Tool with an Attractive Price
By Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes
If you do not yet use a tool because of the cost or because you are not accustomed to using tools other than MS Word, e-mail, and an Internet browser, give across a try.

RSS Feeds: Your Information on Your Terms
By Michael Wahlster
If you have been surfing the web regularly for information that changes on an unpredictable schedule, you can sit back and let RSS feeds do the work for you!

Out of the Shadows: Unionizing in Rome
By Anne Milano Appel
In Rome this year, literary translators participated for the first time at the XX Congresso of the Sindacato Nazionale Scrittori, one of several writers’ unions in Italy, demonstrating their determination to come out of the shadows and make their professional voices heard.